MP9 Gel Blaster Fast Review

MP9 Gel Blaster Fast Review

An impressive swift carrying toy gun is the best choice for young boys fan of gel blaster.


“Introduced by B&T in 2001, the MP9/TP9 represents the latest advancement in personal defense weapons and is one of the world’s lightest select-fire 9x19mm weapon systems. It surpasses all other submachine guns in size, weight, and flexibility, is Ideal for surveillance teams, vehicle crews, strike forces, and PSD details” –



Today we present the MP9 gel blaster listed by, we have made it light, portable, simulation, it can be used in CQB Game, film and television props, cosplay, it must be a perfect gift.



Open the package, a perfect plastic toy, no manufacture burrs, perfect gun body, looks like a real weapon, fortunately it's blister package material turns me back to reality, it’s a perfect toy.

It took a lot of effort to get all the parts out of the blister material, there are:

Toy gun MP9 X1

Magazine X1

Goggles X1

Rechargeable battery set X1

Red Dot X1

Heat Indication X1


Note that the gaggles are extremely important, please make sure you wear them during the war games.


First of all, these two plastic decorations, oddly enough, they seem to be more or less functional, pull off the white battery paper, the button battery from inside can turns them on, I believe the Red Dot can emit a laser, this Heat Indications what the hell, at least should be written Heat Indicator it.


First I am able to get Red Dot installed, it is very easy, press the snap on the slide up, but also very solid.



I have no idea how to install the Heat Indication, please comment if someone knows.

Forget about the decorations, let's look at the gun body, this time kWolfSwan is presenting three magazines version, plastic, it's really amazing, if I don't tell you this mp9 is made of plastic, you may really think it's a real submachine guns, kWolfSwan will attach red tapes to all the product package, so you can turn it into red tip, indicating that this is really a toy gun.


I have somewhat small hands and can't quite hold it, but I like it better this way.

magazine release button, perfect.



Looking towards the mag well, the battery contact inside is also designed to be very smart.

The front grip is used to install the battery, end of the grip is delicately designed as a battery compartment cover, I can see that the battery can be directly filled with batteries for household tools, such as the battery for an electric drill. Battery connection line is also very solid.



The trigger is also perfectly replicated, there is actually a trigger insurance, it is a decorative role, but the trigger insurance is movable.

The level switch is also pushed by the lever, which can be pushed from the left or right to change its firing mode, locked state, single shot or auto.



check text on the body of the gun, and the real mp9 as engraved on it, although not so much detail, but very beautiful.手里拿着枪



Folding, you can find a screw in the tail, one hand firmly hold the gun body, one hand force upward push the screw, so that the stock can be unfolded, this unfolding process requires some force, so as to ensure that the unfolding state of solid and strong, perfect.



All line up, Again, I really do not know this heat indicator, no, is the heat indication how to install.


Let's take a look at the magazine, nothing new, open from the top for filling gel balls, very simple, but simple and practical is always the target of weapons design, now become a toy design goals.




Three magazines, parade, clearly marked inscribed magazine capacity, which is the capacity of the real mp9, loaded with gel balls should be able to fill 100, I suggest to get more magazines, keep the firepower, keep the attack force.



It feels very good to hold it in your hand, unfold it to hold the shoulder to increase stability, fold it up to improve mobility.

图片包含 人, 穿着, 男人, 小


Now I'm going to start CQB, ting two magazines, and now I got 100 rounds X 3, total 300 ammo.

Here thanks to Marcos to provide guidelines, Heat Indication work like this.




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We now listed 2 version, the Blue version is for parent who wishes this MP9 looks like more of toy.

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I’m kinda confused. Can you list all the things that the blaster you’re selling on this website comes with? Thank you! :)


hi how can I get a mag for this gun by its self?

Mobius Williamson

hi! how can I buy a mag for this gun by its self?


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