Desert Eagle Pistol Gel Blaster most affordable giant toy pistol

Desert Eagle Pistol Gel Blaster most affordable giant toy pistol


Folks! Are you tired of buying expensive Handguns that leave a gaping hole in your wallet? Well, look no further! Behold the simple, giant, affordable desert eagle gel blaster, fresh out of the box and ready to fire!


This thing is so massive it could double as a makeshift doorstop. But don't let its size fool you; it's packing some serious firepower. And the best part? It won't break the bank!


But wait, there's more! The open-box design ensures that your precious gel blaster is protected from any harm during shipping. You could drop it from a helicopter, which would still be pristine.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the affordable gel blaster of your dreams and blast your way to victory. And if anyone asks, just tell them you got it from the giant's clearance sale.



Welcome to our take-off package! You'll get an impressive lineup of items in this magnum pistol, including a desert eagle gel blaster.


  • 1 X desert eagle gel blaster
  • 1 X gaggles
  • 1 X magazine
  • 1 X gel balls carrier bottle
  • 1 X rechargeable battery set
  • 1 X mount rail
  • 1 X white milk hardened gel ball seed
  • 1 X blue gel ball seed



This simple magazine doesn't rely on any electronic components to work. Instead, its mechanism transfers the gel balls smoothly and efficiently for uninterrupted blasting fun.



On the other side of the magazine, you'll find a movable stick that plays a crucial role in the firing process. Once loaded with gel balls and inserted into the pistol, the shaft is pushed down with each firing, triggering the mechanism inside to upload the gel balls into the firing chamber.



We have a wide variety of colorful gel balls, also known as orbed balls, for you to choose from. Get ready for a vibrant and exciting gel blaster experience!



For the ultimate gel blaster experience, we recommend using our shrinkable gel ball battles to get fully hydrated gel balls. Place your order at kWolfSwan now and get a free bottle included!



Once you've filled the magazine with 50 gel balls, connect the charged battery and insert the magazine into the blaster to start blasting away! Get ready for some serious fun.


Almost ready to go! Remember to mount the rail, which can be used to attach a red dot or flashlight for improved accuracy and visibility.



Attaching the rail is a breeze - simply insert it and pull it back to lock it in place. Now you're ready to take on any challenge that comes your way!


Now that everything is set up, the blaster looks impressive - like a giant toy! It's so big that it barely fits in my hand. Let's give it a shot!



Turning it over, the blaster looks like a fierce firearm on the other side. Get ready to intimidate your opponents with this menacing weapon!


Despite its imposing size, the blaster is made of plastic and is not a real firearm. It should be fine to carry outside without causing any alarm.



While the blaster may be simple, the slide is quite detailed and intricate. It adds a touch of complexity to the overall design, making it even more impressive to look at.


To top it off, the blaster also has a blowback, which adds a realistic element to the shooting experience. It's like firing a real gun, but without danger!



The blaster also has a lock to hold the slide in place for added safety. This ensures it won't accidentally discharge, giving you peace of mind during use.


This gel blaster pistol is both simple to maintain and simple to use. Pull the red switch and trigger, and the gel balls will be shot out rapidly. It's a full-auto blaster that's perfect for fast-paced battles!



Get your hands on this fantastic blaster from us, and we'll even throw in a gel bottle so you can enjoy it with your kids. It's the perfect way to spend quality time together!



So there you have it - the desert eagle gel blaster in all its Israeli glory! It may be a giant, plastic toy gun, but it packs a serious punch with its blowback action and full-auto capabilities. And remember the safety lock because we wouldn't want anyone accidentally discharging gel balls all over the place.


But fear not because this blaster is simple to maintain and even simpler to use. Just pull the red switch and watch the gel balls fly out faster than you can say "orbed balls." And with our shrinkable gel ball battles, you'll be fully hydrated and ready to take on any opponent.


So what are you waiting for? Order now and receive a free gel bottle, perfect for enjoying this blaster with your kids. Just ensure you don't accidentally scare the neighbors - it is just a plastic toy gun!


Now Place order at kWolfSwan by Links to get a free refill bottle, and hardened milk white gel balls which you find nowhere else.

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