Fast check on CYMA AK47 Gel blaster toy level rifle by Kwolfswan

Fast check on CYMA AK47 Gel blaster toy level rifle by Kwolfswan

The grandfather and the little kid

I. Assembly and general appearance
Could not hold it any more once I got arrived massage from them, ran to the delivery guy and open box, what caught my eye was the classic configuration: the body, buttstock and mag, the arrival and throw goggles, SM connector 7.4v battery, battery charger, a pack of gel seed for freshers, black and white sheet instructions, three screws to fixing buttstock.

Attention, the receiver cover is soft and little unfitted, takes a while to assembly.

And the receiver is black color but with little grey when the cover is total black. Safety level is made by metal, charge handle is with another different paint.

Handguard, buttstock and grip are all nylon, with great wood style paint, make you feel that they are very reliable.

When you install the buttstock you may need a long screw driver for saving time. I am doing a little embarrassing thing here by using my piler and screw driver together.

1.8kg, remarkable weight

II details.

The fire cap and collimator are one piece made, pins on it are decorations, and the inner tube is hidden in the metal outer tube, making it difficult to add Hud up. The metal outer tube displays the heat dissipation pattern which is excellent. The screws on the bottom hold the bar and collimator.

The nylon handguard is well painted, and hide the injection line perfectly.

Its is hard to find out that the front sight is conjunct deliciated by 2 pieces parts because screws on left side is well hide. And look from up to down you see the down handguard is bigger than front sight, little different from real AK.

Talk about the receiver, the engraving letters are best among all producers, look at the AB and OA original from Russia, but once you look at mag entrance, there is a sign remind it’s a toy from china.The magazine is extremely tight when inserted, no looseness, also easy to place mag. The trigger and retainer are both nylon.

Excellent charge handle, spring inside is obviously.

I was thinking the mag is made by metal because its so cold, obviously the product manager used metal paint its nylon mag. capacity is 250 – 300 gel balls.

Battery hides here, enough space for high capacity battery replacement.


  1. Few metal parts, the soul of AK should be metal anyway it’s a toy gun no harms most players accept 85% nylon AK;
  2. Not easy to add hud up, DIYers should love it;
  3. Not came with any accessories;
  4. Competitive price and excellent quality, one recommendation.

One more picture about the FPS and Speed.

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