Long Shaft Motor Upgrated Classic M4 Cyma Most Selected by BOYS ARMY

Long Shaft Motor Upgrated Classic M4 Cyma Most Selected by BOYS ARMY


It is introducing the grandest of boomsticks, the M4! Behold, the rifle that needs no introduction, the undisputed champ of military mayhem, with a rear-end so fabulous it would make the Navy swoon - the US Navy-style crane buttstock.


Today, we bring you the epitome of simplicity in M4 form - the plug-and-play marvel! Brought to you by the geniuses at Cyma, this bad boy boasts a gearbox so rugged it could survive an apocalypse, and the attention to detail in its exquisite shape will make even the most stoic soldier shed a tear of joy.


Prepare to be astounded by this compact marvel that packs a punch, ready to rock and roll without fuss. So, let the comedy of war commence as we present the hilariously uncomplicated, ridiculously durable, and impeccably designed masterpiece, the Cyma M4!



Get ready to unleash a world of gel-filled mayhem, as what you see before you is precisely what you'll receive when you place an order at the only kwolfswan.com or kwolfswanS.com.



But wait, there's more! As a delightful bonus, with your order, you'll receive an extra package of gel balls that possess a mesmerizing glow in the dark. Because, let's face it, military operatives thrive in the darkness; you can now have the upper hand with these luminous projectiles. Imagine the thrill of watching these glowing gel balls soar through the air, leaving a trail of ethereal light as they seek out your unsuspecting foes.


With these straightforward and uncomplicated pieces, all you need to do is effortlessly insert the magazine, and voila, you're instantly locked and loaded, ready to unleash gel-filled chaos upon your adversaries. No complex assembly, no intricate maneuvers—just a seamless process that gets you in action within seconds.


Hold onto your seats, folks, because this gel blaster has a charging handle that adds excitement! It works for pre loading the ammos from mag.


But wait, there's more to marvel at! This extraordinary gel blaster offers a switch lever to choose between two exhilarating shooting modes: full auto and semi-auto. This feature sets it apart from the real-world AR15, where the M4 supports a full car while the AR15 only supports semi-auto. It's a game-changer, my friends, as you can effortlessly switch between rapid-fire madness and precise single shots with a flick of your finger.


And the customization options continue to astound! The buttstock of this gel blaster is crane-adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit and comfort that suits your shooting style. Whether you prefer fully extended or snugly collapsed, this buttstock easily adapts to your preferences. But that's not all, folks!




Another remarkable feature on the other side of the crane buttstock is a forward assist (decoration)! While it adds a touch of authenticity to the gel blaster's design, it's worth noting that you won't encounter any jamming issues with gel blasters. That's right, folks, say goodbye to frustrating jams that can hinder your gel-blasting fun.


As you push the charge to the handle, prepare to be amazed and witness a delightful surprise - the dust cover pops out, revealing the legendary redhead! Behold the renowned gearbox and its mighty air pump head, the powerhouse behind the gel blaster's remarkable performance.



And let's remember the brilliant aesthetics that accompany this remarkable gel blaster! Its stunning looks are simply captivating, with a design that demands attention and admiration. Every curve and every detail has been meticulously crafted to create a visual masterpiece. From the sleek lines of the body to the bold accents that catch the eye, this gel blaster is an actual work of art.



The mag release button—the quintessential feature that every gel-blasting enthusiast knows like the back of their hand. It's the Holy Grail, the sacred button that grants you swift and effortless access to reload your gel blaster. Every boy and girl in the gel-blasting world understands its significance and the thrill of pressing it.


How could we forget the iconic red tips that add a touch of flair and safety? These vibrant accents are a visual reminder, indicating that your gel blaster is a recreational device. The unmistakable red tips ensure no confusion, allowing others to recognize that you engage in friendly gel-blasting fun.



When the fiery battle ends, prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing sight that awaits you. As you complete the exhilarating burst of fire, the gearbox gracefully resets itself, offering a glimpse into its inner workings and showcasing its remarkable craftsmanship. It's a moment of awe and fascination as you witness the intricate components realign and settle back into their resting positions.




Prepare to be blown away by the greatness of the details that adorn the outer appearance of this gel blaster. Every inch of its design showcases meticulous craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail. From the intricate engravings to the carefully placed accents, it's a visual feast for the eyes.



Ah, the timeless and iconic "classic shot pose" - a gesture that encapsulates the essence of gel-blasting glory! Picture this: you, standing tall and proud, gel blaster in hand, ready to unleash a cascade of gel projectiles upon your foes. You strike the perfect pose with unwavering determination, radiating confidence and power.



Behold, for this gel blaster, stands proudly in its full-size glory! With its dimensions perfectly scaled to replicate its real-life counterpart, you'll experience a full-sized weapon's actual weight and presence. No compromises were made regarding size, as this gel blaster embraces authenticity and delivers a substantial and satisfying feel in your hands.




From the plug-and-play simplicity to the gel balls that glow in the dark, we've explored the depths of gel warfare hilarity. Who could forget the charging handle that charges gels with the force of a thousand suns or the forward assist (decoration) that adds a touch of panache to your gel-blasting adventures?


And let's not overlook the mesmerizing sight of the gearbox resetting and the red tips that declare, "Hey, we're here for a good time, not a dangerous one!" It's a gel blaster symphony of laughs and thrills, where even the mag release button has its fan club. So, my fellow gel warriors, as you strike the classic shot pose with your full-sized gel blaster masterpiece, remember to cherish the hilarious journey we've embarked upon.


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