Battery Powered Barreta 1301 Shell Ejection Full Auto Toy ShotGun High Replica

Battery Powered Barreta 1301 Shell Ejection Full Auto Toy ShotGun High Replica


Introducing the almighty 1301 Tactical FDE, a ferocious frenzy of fun that'll leave you jumping out of your socks! This bad boy is so slick it makes James Bond look like a clumsy walrus. Brace yourself because this ain't your grandma's toy gun. We've got a stockpile of mind-boggling shotguns waiting to blow your mind!


Prepare to have your noggin knocked sideways by the engineering masterpiece, the 1301 Tactical FDE. It's got more power than a rocket-propelled marshmallow, more precision than a laser-guided mosquito, and more durability than a diamond-plated tank. And let's not forget that Flat Dark Earth (FDE) color is so eye-popping that it'll make the sun jealous!


But this toy gun isn't just a pretty face – it's a weapon of mass awesomeness. With its full auto-loading magic, you'll rain rounds quicker than a caffeinated hummingbird. And the ergonomic design? Oh boy, it's like cradling a cloud made of pillows. You could shoot all day and still have energy left for a round of disco dancing.


Whether you're a pro shooter or an enthusiast with a wild imagination, the 1301 Tactical FDE Foam Blaster will launch your shooting experience into the stratosphere. This toy gun is your trusty sidekick in any situation – defending your fortress, outshooting the competition, or saving the world from villainous henchmen. It's the ultimate wingman, always ready to throw down.


But wait, there's more! Our store is a treasure trove of firearm replica goodness. And if you crave a shotgun that's got it all – technology that'll make Einstein's head spin, firepower that'll make fireworks cower, and a touch of swagger that'd make James Dean blush – then the 1301 Tactical FDE is your destiny. Don't miss out on this life-altering experience – swing by our store today and prepare to unleash the mother of all adventures. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing assortment of guns and gizmos that'll make your jaw drop. It's time to bring out the colossal cannons and embrace a world where fun knows no limits!





The 1301 Tactical FDE also features a foldable stock, allowing easy storage and portability. It is equipped with a battery connector, enhancing its functionality and making it compatible with multiple accessories and attachments.


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The 1301 Tactical FDE has a specialized breech bolt that must be installed on the exhaust port. This component ensures proper functioning and adds extra realistic feeling to the shotgun's operation.



Introducing an intriguing feature of the 1301 Tactical FDE: the ability to insert foam darts, similar to Nerf rounds, into specially designed shells.




Regretfully, I must address any befuddlement that may have arisen, for it is paramount to elucidate that those mentioned above 1301 Tactical FDE should not be misconstrued as a real firearm. Verily, it is an authentic Beretta 1301 Tactical FDE shotgun fashioned exclusively for genuine employment in weapons. The mention of foam projectiles and cartridges was a hypothetical construct employed to illustrate a notion of imagination.




Anticipate the forthcoming encounter as you disengage the safety mechanism and unleash the tremendous might at your disposal! The 1301 Tactical FDE presents not a sole but dual captivating variation to satiate your pleasure: a manually operated pump and a fully automated pump-action shotgun. Brace yourself to partake in the euphoria of unbridled potency pulsating through your very grip!





The button for resetting the loading process assumes paramount importance, facilitating the seamless functioning of the apparatus. Observe with keen attention as my fervent comrade showcases and emulates the gesture of pressing it to initiate its intended purpose. Dear companion, consistency reigns supreme in this endeavor; hence allow your nimble thumbs to perform a delightful ballet, reveling in the unbroken flow of the loading process!


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The customary frontal sighting apparatus assumes the role of a steadfast companion throughout your expedition into shooting.




Did you know that the tube magazine cap adorning the 1301 Tactical FDE can be conveniently detached through a simple process of unscrewing?emain vigilant and await the unveiling of further marvels as the journey toward unparalleled magnificence continues!




Cast away any concerns, my dear friend, for the rear sight featured on the remarkable 1301 Tactical FDE is a fully customizable marvel.

Prepare yourselves, dear companions, for a remarkable revelation as the receiver adorning the extraordinary 1301 Tactical FDE showcases an impeccably replicated textile, leaving no room for error.

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Get ready to be pleasantly astounded, my dear compatriot, for the 1301 Tactical FDE stands poised to deliver an experience that surpasses all anticipations.






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Like its physical replica, the 1301 Tactical FDE showcases grip-enhancing patterns, safeguarding against slippage and guaranteeing a secure hold, even amidst the most vigorous discharge.




Envision the spectacle: in perfect harmony, the 1301 Tactical FDE and the legendary 98K rifle stand shoulder to shoulder, an awe-inspiring tandem that demands reverence.May the unyielding might of their firepower converge, uniting in a mesmerizing display of sheer dominance!



Regarding receivers and buttstocks, rest assured that the 1301 Tactical FDE and the renowned 98K rifle have handled every aspect. Immerse yourself in the world of meticulous craftsmanship as their exquisitely fashioned receivers and ergonomically designed buttstocks converge to provide a fusion of aesthetic appeal and flawless functionality.


Alas, it appears that we find ourselves facing yet another conundrum, as the diminutive dimensions of the table hinder our endeavor for a free shoot. When confronted with such remarkable firearms as the 1301 Tactical FDE and the illustrious 98K rifle, it becomes evident that a grander expanse is necessary to fully unleash their awe-inspiring might.


Introducing an intriguing addition to our assemblage, behold a pistol hailing from the same lineage, yet adorned with a fascinating alteration—a laser pistol!The moment has arrived to elevate your marksmanship to unparalleled heights!




Prepare yourself for the forthcoming encounter as the 1301 Tactical FDE reintroduces a quintessential loading mechanism, reviving the enduring allure of manual chambering.


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Assume a captivating posture and wholeheartedly embrace the ideal shooting position bestowed by the 1301 Tactical FDE.

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Allow me to present our exceptional assortment of premium playthings, the 1301 Tactical FDE and the M9A2, meticulously crafted with an emphasis on amusement and safety. Rest assured, these replicas abstain from discharging any projectiles, ensuring a worry-free experience for your children or cherished family members.

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These great toy guns are built with high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and lightweight play. While they may not have the weight of their natural counterparts, they offer a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages. Embrace the fun with these sturdy all-plastic toys!


So, whether you're fond of the 1301 Tactical FDE or the quirky toy gun replicas, let your imagination run wild, strike that standard shooting pose, and unleash your inner action hero. Just remember, it's all fun and games, no real bullets flying, and a lot of plastic goodness. So, go forth, shoot joyfully, and create unforgettable memories that will make you smile for years. Happy shooting, my comrades! Find me at or

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