MP5 Gel Blaster Review

MP5 Gel Blaster Gelsoft with Drum Mag and Perfect Gearbox

Well, well, well! You have got yourself an MP5, huh? The MP5 is the trusty little submachine gun that has been the go-to weapon for close-quarters combat in games like Assassins, King Slayer, and many others! It's the perfect tool to execute those fast-paced operations that require quick reflexes, lightning-fast movements, and a keen eye for detail.


And, my dear friend, you have taken it to the next level by adding a DRAM mag. Oh boy, that's like putting a rocket booster on a tricycle! With that firepower at your fingertips, you can quickly take down even the toughest opponents.


And let's remember the power supply! Who needs to worry about running out of juice when you've got a massive, behemoth-like power supply attached to your gun? You can rain down a hail of bullets without even batting an eye. You'll probably put the Energizer Bunny to shame with that staying power!


So there you have it, my friend; with your Gelsoft MP5, DRAM mag, and power supply, you're ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Remember to bring your sense of humor because you'll have everyone rolling on the floor laughing with a setup like that!




The MP5, a gel blaster, has ranked in the top 10 for freshers since 2019. Its classic design is like a time machine; its gearbox is durable, reliable, affordable, and easy to use. And the best part? You don't even have to assemble it! Just insert the battery, and you're ready to go. It's like the Ikea of gel blasters, but you get a lethal weapon instead of a bookshelf. Just read the instructions before using it unless you want to shoot yourself in the foot – but some people are into that.




And if you grow your gel balls (no, not those), you can join the fight as a valuable fire support teammate.




And before you head out to battle, remember to charge the handlebar for the iconic design. It's the little things that make a difference!


Ah, I see. After a long day of battle, lay your trusty gel blaster down peacefully. It deserves a rest after all that hard work!




“What a combination!" You've got a powerful gel blaster and the knowledge of when to give it a break.




With a drum mag that can hold over 500 gels, your victory will be 20 times sweeter as you easily mow down your enemies.




The drum mag is practical and a beautifully detailed replica that adds to the overall charm.



Inserting the mag is a breeze - just a simple motion, and you're ready to unleash the fury of your gel blaster.




Before firing, remember to pull the charge handle backward to pre-load your gel blaster. And how about that detail of being able to lock the charging handle at the turn corner - just like the real MP5!




The original backsight is a great feature, allowing you to turn it around and adjust the distance aiming to your preference. It's those little details that make all the difference!




While the real MP5 has three fire levels - safe, single shot, and three shot - our gel blaster offers full auto shooting thanks to the drum mag, it's a game-changer!




Ah, I see! Looking at the MP5 from a downside view, you can truly appreciate its sleek and iconic design, with every curve and detail perfectly crafted for maximum effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.




It's amazing how every part of the MP5 serves a purpose—for example, the bolt where my thumb points are used for butt disconnection. And the swing latch my index finger is pushing aside is the telescoping release - just swing it aside to drag the butt backward. Such intricate details make the MP5 a truly great weapon.




When you extract the telescoping butt on the MP5, it looks cool and serves an important function. This adjustable buttstock, sometimes called a collapsible or sliding buttstock, allows for easy customization to fit the user's needs and preferences.




Sticking true to the classic design of the MP5, this gel blaster features a mag release button on the side of the receiver, right beside the pick plectrum behind the mag. This makes reloading a breeze and adds to the overall ease of use of the weapon.




Looking from above, many spaces can attach your preferred red dot, 558, or g33 accessories. This allows for a fully customizable experience, ensuring the gel blaster fits your needs and preferences.




Once you put on a gun belt, the gel blaster is ready to be holstered, making it easily accessible for quick-draw situations.




The external butt of the gel blaster is designed to provide excellent support for shooting poses, ensuring accuracy and stability during intense battles.



In fire pose, the MP5 gives a menacing look, ready to unleash its power on the enemies. The grip feels comfortable in hand, providing a stable shooting platform.




With the telescoping butt, you can easily and quickly adjust the length of the stock to fit your shooting position and comfort level.



The MP5, a true classic in the world of firearms, is now available as a gel blaster. With its iconic design and reliable performance, this little submachine gun is a force to be reckoned with




Introducing the MP5 Gel Blaster, the lethal weapon that will have you laughing your way to victory! This little submachine gun is the gift that keeps giving and is affordable too. Just like a Happy Meal toy, you get a weapon of mass destruction instead of a toy. And don't worry about assembling it; all you have to do is insert the battery, and voila! You're ready to go.


But read the instructions before using it, or you might shoot yourself in the foot. And with a detailed replica drum mag that holds over 500 gels, you can make your victory 20 times larger! Get it now at and equip your kids with the ultimate battle assassin.


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