Playing Soldier with My M&P40 Laser Blaster Toy Pistol Top Dry Fire Selection

Playing Soldier with My M&P40 Laser Blaster Toy Pistol Top Dry Fire Selection

A pretty laser toy copycat from SMITH & WESSON M&P40 is on my table. The original pistol is designed for personal protection, but today we're having harmless fun without any risk of violence - let's take a brief safety-first review of this toy's features.

It's a 1:1 scale replica with an ergonomic grip, satisfying texture, and slide serrations for easy non-lethal manipulation. The original is reliable and accurate, while our playtime version reliably entertains.

The package includes shiny copper ammo models containing zero firepower but maximum fun feels. Each magazine holds 15 rounds of wholesome family fun.

The last round hold open feature works smoothly, complete with satisfying sounds of metal shells harmlessly dropping to the floor.

It's plastic on the outside so no one gets hurt, and metal (barrel) on the inside because quality matters even in toys.

The end result is a faithful pistol doppelgänger where every detail delights.

The iconic Smith & Wesson name and manufacturer markings are faithfully replicated, even on this non-working toy pistol.

A word of caution - it looks very realistic, so don't startle folks by suddenly brandishing your plastic pistol without warning them it's just a toy!

Let's load the safe shiny rounds into the magazine.

Now you're ready for some good clean dry fire "shooting" action.

With each trigger pull, the empty shell pops out to keep the fun going.

To enhance the experience, it comes with a laser generator sticker.

Screw it to the barrel, and instead of actual projectiles, each trigger pull produces a visible red laser beam. You can practice your aim on laser tag sensor find from, for interactive lighthearted target practice before considering handling real firearms, our dry fire is leveled up again!

Here's how it looks from the front - no need to worry about alarming anyone, since it's just a toy pistol with barrel blocked.

Let the harmless fun begin! Find it by type m&p 40 on and get the best offer.

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