Pose Picture of M4 MK8 SUPER MODULAR RAIL AR15

Pose Picture of M4 MK8 SUPER MODULAR RAIL AR15

Greetings, gel blaster enthusiasts and accidental visitors who have stumbled upon this page while trying to find a recipe for fish tacos. Today, we're excited to introduce you to the latest addition to the M4 family - the MK8 9.5" Barrel gel blaster, or as we like to call it, the fish-born version.


Before we dive into the details, let's take a moment to appreciate the packaging. It's like a cross between a military crate and a care package from your grandma. Rugged on the outside, cozy on the inside. And unlike most blasters that require a degree in mechanical engineering to assemble, this one comes in pieces that even a caveman can put together. Well, maybe not a caveman, but you get the point.


Listen up, folks! The ultimate gel-blasting weapon is here - the MK8. Not only does it look slick and stylish with its fishy color scheme, but it's also lightweight and easy to carry around. And remember the most important part - it's perfect for blasting your friends and having a whale of a time. So why wait? Get your hands on the MK8, and let the gel-blasting games begin!



  • The M4 MK8 9.5-inch gel blaster, the star of the show
  • One gel magazine to hold your ammo
  • A set of front grip and screws to enhance your grip and accuracy
  • A hexagonal screwdriver to make assembly a breeze
  • And last but not least, the all-important power battery and charger set to keep your blaster firing.



The MK8's 9.5-inch barrel improves accuracy, while the front grip and gel magazine allow for comfortable and efficient handling.


This blaster has plastic sights, but be aware they're finely crafted with great detail. And with 80% plastic construction, it makes perfect sense. The front view flips up, and the rear sight is adjustable for pinpoint accuracy. So whether you're a sharpshooter or just like to make noise, these plastic sights got you covered!






Attention, troops! The MK8 M4 may not have all the fancy schmancy features, but don't let that fool you. It's ready to rock out of the box; there's no need for pesky fiddling or fumbling. And even though it weighs as much as two MacBooks, who cares when you're holding a gun that looks like it could blast you to the moon?


Plus, its compact size makes you look like a badass, even if you're still in grade school.



The M4's flat and straight top gives it a sleek, streamlined look that sets it apart from other gel blasters, some of which come with separate fishbone and receiver packages.



The well-shaped fishbone of the MK8 M4, combined with its 9.5-inch size, allows you to easily mount all the accessories you desire.


Attention all aspiring sharpshooters! Feast your eyes on the receiver of this beast - it's so slick and sleek you'll swear it was made by a blacksmith. The fishbone articulation is tighter than your mom's hugs, and the engraving is sharper than a paper cut. And don't start on the metal parts - this toy is as severe as a heart attack.


But let's not forget about safety, folks. When the trigger's locked, you're less likely to accidentally shoot your buddy (unless you're really clumsy, in which case, good luck).





Get ready for a whole new perspective, folks - just tilt your head a bit and behold the glory of the MK8 M4's perfectly engraved design. You won't miss a single detail, and you'll feel like a true pro, even if you're just pretending to be a soldier. So go ahead, tilt away, and enjoy the view!



Looking at the MK8 M4 from the other side, you'll notice that the entire receiver is seamlessly assembled without any screws - just like an accurate rifle! And don't even get us started on the bolt - it restores all the intricate details that make this toy a true masterpiece.



Insert the mag, pull the charging handle, and hear the motor sound as the gel balls load. The dust cover pops open to reveal the gearbox. When you fire, the high-speed impact turns the gel into fog, creating a massive water explosion near the shell ejection window.



After you've fired your rounds, the gearbox will reset automatically. However, you'll need to manually cover the dust cover back up.



Pulling the charging handle to the end, you'll glimpse the gearbox cylinder's shiny metal color.


Let's look closer at the charging handle and its lock latch, shall we? The MK8 M4 boasts full, intricate details on both of these components.



The M4 navy telescoping carbine stock perfectly imitates the MOE style, adding a touch of realism to this already impressive toy.




The latch limit rod latch allows you to adjust the stock length, and the rubber buttstock plate is comfortable and easy to use. Simply remove the plate by clicking the hidden button to access the battery area and connector, which can accommodate batteries of various shapes and sizes.







Even from below, the details of the MK8 M4 are impressive and show no signs of sloppiness.



Look at the magazines and mag wells of the MK8 M4, and you'll notice that the circuit connection piece inside is visible - no detail spared!



When you buy the M4 MK8 from kwolfswan.com, you'll receive hardened milky white water ammo made from high-quality materials - no need to settle for anything less!


With this upgraded ammunition white milk-hardened gel balls from kWolfSwan, you'll feel more confident in close-quarters combat games. Get ready to dominate!



As the M4 MK8 is from the esteemed Colt company, you'll receive a stylish gun belt in a matching green color.



Once you hold the M4, you'll feel its weight and quality. It's not just a toy; its one-to-one size and realistic appearance make it an excellent prop for film, stage, or even as a cosplay accessory. You can use it as a training tool for military simulations or law enforcement scenarios. The possibilities are endless!



I'm sorry, but I'm unsure what you mean by "Not on the red tip, soldier pose." Please provide more context or information so I can assist you better.




The M4 MK8 toy rifle is available in two color options, the classic black and a sleek fish-inspired design. This versatile toy is perfect for any gel blaster enthusiast, offering both form and function. You can grab one for yourself from kWolfSwan, and as a bonus, you'll receive an extra rifle belt with your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this must-have toy today!





M4 MK8 is a toy gun that looks and feels natural. It comes with all sorts of accessories and can be used for war games, as a touring tool, or even as a confidence booster for CQB games. And if you buy it from kwolfswan.com, you'll get high-quality hardened milky white water ammo! But remember, don't pose like a soldier, and remove the red tip!


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