Review of CYMA M4 Gel Ball Blaster Rifle by Bumo KWOLFSWAN

Review of CYMA M4 Gel Ball Blaster Rifle by Bumo KWOLFSWAN

They shipped me a CYMA M4, been long time not touch the CYMAs and lets check what they improved after so many years (my first CYMA was from 2017)­


Its logo made by letters, brought me memories of 5 years ago.

The box contains one M4CQB, poor quality pc goggles, an original magazine, a gel ball loading bottle which could be throw away, a bag of milky white gel balls – I remember 5 years ago the ammos inside was BB ones.

it is pity there is no more accessories on the blister package, last generation was CM002 or CM206 which has much more accessories.



It is a senior version of CYMA, weights 2 KGs, great quality examples great feeling.


I took off the compensator by soak muzzle in hot water a while, and installed my black silencer. The screw on muzzle is standard 14 mm dia., could be installed most accessories on market.

Junior version is the silver compensator as they informed.


Tube color is plating red, 270mm length, and there are 3 mm of it you can see from outside, so you barely could install hood up, the factory told me that the junior version could be connected to hood up. I really don’t understand their market plan.


Senior version got belt ring and junior version not. Triangulation sight is made by nylon, firmed by 2 pcs hexagon screw on the tube. Sight is not adjustable but good to have it.


Handguard plate is well made, could be unattached easily.


Handguard divided in two 2 pcs all made by nylon, down piece is implanted a zinc heat sink for balancing, firmed by 4 screws, the rail below is one time injection.

Upper handguard is fixed by screws at 2 sides, and 1 screws inside, also injected on time. The rail is Picatinny/STANAG 2324.

CYMA M4 restores the air-blown air guide design from real gun, solid material inside, metal plating outside, really beautiful view, the junior version is without air guide.

The outer tube has shrinkage diameter, try to restores the design of real gun, due to iron material and imitation phosphate treatment on surface, almost the same as real gun.

There is a mechanical screw to lock the tube under the connection, the slip ring (connection with barrel and receiver) is also made by nylon.


The big circle is with different color, product manager told me that they were tying to manufacture out the same color as metal but its failed.


Another disappointing position is that the attached barrel are 2 mm higher than the receiver/main frame.

Left view of receiver

All receiver is designed without any metal parts beside two fixture screw (rear and front takedown pin), no letters, so you can print any thing you want to it, and is build in imitation phosphate treatment.

Look close at the frame, those letters SAFE SEMI AUTO are well made.


The charging handle is with single side locker and built in nylon, pretty military version shape, paint covered black nylon.

Right side view of receiver.


Mag release button is enforced by screw, the level selectors are not functional and its locked at SAFE side. Forward assist is only for fun.

Details of 2 raised inscription letters.


Iron sight is supper detailed made, the windage knob point and scale are adjustable.

2 apertures installed. The hole one is with little burr but okay.


The dust cover plate is not strong, the latch of cover is made of PC material.

Charging handle has short limitation on pull distance, and CYMA made it as gel ball loading handle. Here I made some modification like cut off the limitation switch to increasing handle pull distance.


Mag feeder is wider than mag and chamfered, free drop of mag is totally okay.

Also red gear box, a read heart.

The drawer structured magazine’s bottom cover is locked with a hexagonal screw, which is a bit flimsy.

Mag insert depth is the same as real gun, also compatible with BingFeng 7 (not for T97A).


My Bingfeng 7 and M4.


The butterfly belt loop and stock core are metal made, all supper strong, they are not able to unattached easily, the stock is unattached by release lock pin in controversy direction.

There are 6 un-marked levels of stock distance, you can always find out the most comfortable level.

Battery connector is standard SM type, can be connected with most battery types.

The rear rest is a standard naval rest, a large butt and storage compartment is the most important feature.

According to the instructions you can remove the butt pad and battery compartment cover, the rear rest can be stuffed with counterweights inside yourself.

Stock button is with storage compartment, the same as real M4.

By guide you can dissemble the stock button and put the weight as you want.


It’s a new arrival I don’t tear apart the receiver, but they told me the gear box is standard number 2, designed by New Wells at that time.

Tube is 270mm, powered by 60% air cylinder.

Its came with 7.4 V.

Gears inside box are 14 tooths, which improved a lot than before.

And the end:


  1. I called it New Jingming;
  2. Great appearance and quality,
  3. Reliable frame as all material is well selected.


  1. handguard is not firmed well, and it is 2 mm higher than receiver upper rail;
  2. there are few DIY accessories for CYMA M4.

You can visit the to have CYMA M4, we offer free shipping, senior version and 11.1 V battery.

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