SAW M249 Gel Blaster Ultimate Upgrate!

SAW M249 Gel Blaster Ultimate Upgrate!

Today, my dear friends, I have the pleasure of unveiling the mother of all boxes. I'm talking about a behemoth of a package, a veritable titan of cardboard that would make even the most muscular delivery men break out in a cold sweat.


This box was so large that I had to clear out my entire living room just to make space for it. My table of 24*48 inches was no match for its sheer girth. It was as if the box had a life of its own, determined to burst free from its confines and take over my entire house.


When I finally managed to get the box open (with a bit of help from my trusty chainsaw), I was met with the sight of the best light machine gel blaster on the market. It was a thing of beauty, a marvel of engineering that had me drooling with anticipation. But even as I admired its sleek lines and robust design, I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of the situation's absurdity.


Here I was, a grown adult, wrestling with a box more significant than my car, all for a toy gun. That's just the crazy adventure that makes life worth living, right? So, let's strap on our helmets and get ready to blast some gel!




The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon was nestled snugly inside a slot of white foam protection, with all its parts carefully arranged for easy assembly. This 1:1 scale toy blaster was a sight, but its size meant no alternative packaging solution was available.


Yes, indeed! Inside the foam protection, you'll find a machine's body - a group of operating rods, handguards, trigger mechanisms, cylinders, bipods, and receivers. Not to mention the giant box mag, buttstock, and buffer assembly.


This updated version of the M249 boasts better performance and more intricate details than its predecessor. And while its price tag may seem steep, trust me when I say it's worth every penny. Let me guide you through the step-by-step process of putting this beauty together!

One must pay attention to the vivid orange barrel, a vital safety element that is a specific marker of the blaster's playful nature. And let us not disregard the connecting bolt, an essential constituent that guarantees the seamless and proficient functioning of the M249.


Let's turn our attention to the primary components. We can remove the hefty buttstock for now, but fear not; it will make a triumphant return. Let's focus on the core elements of this impressive piece of machinery.

Ah, here we have the star of the show, the main attraction we've all been waiting for. Every piece is carefully crafted and expertly combined, resulting in a level of detail that surpasses even the most renowned toy brands on the market.


If you look closer, you'll notice that the receiver cap has a unique feature - a locker that can be pressed to open it up. This allows easy access to the inner workings of the blaster and makes maintenance a breeze.

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With a firm grip, lift the M249 and take a moment to appreciate its weight and balance. This toy blaster is a true masterpiece designed to mimic the form and function of its real-life counterpart. Get ready to feel the power in your hands.


The trustworthy source of this blaster's power is concealed within, hidden away from prying eyes. It's here, inside the M249, that you'll find the intricate mechanisms that enable it to fire with precision and force. This toy packs a serious punch, and its strength is not to be underestimated.


Take a closer look at the gas regulator collar, the front sight, and the operating rod groups. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to create a truly immersive experience, from the design to the performance.

Notice how the heat shield holes are precisely positioned and expertly laid out.



The rotatable 3-section telescope bipod is an impressive feature of this toy blaster, crafted from durable metal for longevity and stability. It adds an extra layer of realism to the overall design and allows for increased accuracy and control during use.

If you prefer to shoot while on the move, don't worry - the bipod can be conveniently hidden inside the handguard assembly, allowing you to fire at will without being weighed down

Let's take a closer look at the feed port of the M249. With its intricate design and attention to detail, this component is a marvel.

Above the grip, you'll notice a safety lock - a crucial feature that ensures safe and responsible play. This lock helps to prevent accidental firing and provides an added layer of protection for the user. Safety is paramount for toy blasters, and this M249 takes it seriously.



One unique feature of this M249 is its metal carry handle, which can be rotated into three different positions. This allows for versatile and customizable carrying options, depending on your preference and play style. The handle position can be adjusted to suit your needs, whether charging into battle or sneaking through enemy lines.


With its blowback charge bolt, this M249 creates a realistic shooting experience that will impress. The bolt moves back and forth with each shot, adding to the sensation of firing a real weapon.

Before using the M249 light machine gel blaster, it's crucial to install the buttstock carefully and accurately, inserting the bolt and screw. It's highly recommended to double-check that all components are firmly and correctly assembled before firing to ensure the utmost safety and entertainment.

When removing the handguard from below, caution is essential as it can be easy to drop it accidentally. Some may find it helpful for the manufacturer to include a wire binding the handguard to prevent unintended slips.

The battery is located in the designated slot and is easily connected to power up the M249 light machine gel blaster.


One of the final steps before firing the M249 light machine gel blaster is to securely screw on the barrel, which features a prominent and apparent orange tip. This tip is an essential safety feature to distinguish the blaster from a real firearm and should never be removed or tampered with.

Lets flip open the feed tray to access the ammunition feeder.

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Inserting the box mag into the M249 is a simple process - just slide it in and connect the feed tray as desired. With the efficient design of the blaster, everything should slide into place smoothly and effortlessly, allowing for quick and easy use during play.




Once you have completed all the necessary steps, including inserting the battery, securing the buttstock, attaching the barrel and box mag, and assembling the handguard, you have successfully built your M249 saw gel blaster.

The box mag is a crucial component of the M249 saw gel blaster, responsible for storing and feeding thousands of gel balls required for play.

Absolutely! Once you have appropriately assembled your M249 saw gel blaster and loaded the box mag with gel balls, you are ready to take on any battle. With its realistic design and superb performance, you will have an exciting and thrilling play experience.


It's hard to describe the feeling of holding an M249 saw gel blaster up to your eye, the weight of it resting comfortably in your hands. Looking down at the sights, you feel a sense of power and control, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

The M249 and M4 are two popular choices in the U.S. Army. While the M4 is a smaller carbine rifle favored for its versatility and lightweight design, the M249 is a heavier support weapon with a larger ammo capacity and a longer effective range. Each has its strengths and can be used in different tactical situations.


To properly hold both the M249 saw, and M4, a certain amount of strength is required, and even then, keeping them in a pose for more than a minute can be rugged. It's important to note that no rounds have been inserted in this pose yet. Despite the challenge, it can be a thrilling and rewarding experience to handle these army favorites.



Finding a flat surface is critical, as the blaster shakes considerably when fired. This will ensure that you maintain your aim and accuracy during gameplay, giving you the best chance of victory in your battles.


The M249 gel blaster is a favorite of the R&D team who developed it, and they're always ready for a gel war with this impressive toy in hand.


After reading all the previous expansions and descriptions, the M249 saw gel blaster is the ultimate toy weapon of choice for any gel war enthusiast. It has everything you need, from a buttstock that requires the proper installation to a box mag that holds thousands of gel balls and even a blowback charge bolt that goes total distance back and forth.

However, having some muscle and finding a flat surface to hold this beast is advised, as it shakes a lot during firing. But fear not, as the R&D team is always ready for battle with their favorite toy blaster! Overall, the M249 saw gel blaster seems like the perfect toy for anyone who wants to play army in their backyard, just make sure to fill that box mag with gel balls and get ready to dominate the gel war scene!

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