Unboxing of AKA A3 AK74M by KWOLFSWAN

Unboxing of AKA A3 AK74M by KWOLFSWAN

Unboxing of AKA A3 AK74M by KWOLFSWAN

Everybody likes AK. As a seller of GEL BLASTERS, I got this AK74M half month later after an order was placed to my supplier, but it's worth waiting so long after opening the box.

Leave the main body, take all rest parts off from the box, there are huge buttstock, 545 polymer made magazine, recoil system, gaggles, all in dark black.

The length of the whole gun is 98cm after installation, 71cm after folding, and the weight is about 2.4KG.

The red color covered parts are metal made (Includes outer and inner tube front sight, air guide, through bar, trigger guard, rear sight, level switch, buttstock folding (and snap) sling), rest are super hard plastic made.

As others, the magazine is powered by a battery from the main body, and the metal pieces are connectors

Cap of the mag (entrance of gel balls) has letters marked as the Brand.

Insert the mag with the sound of clear Click.

Recoil system linked parts are plastic but the spring rod is metal.

Manual recoil distance is 12 cm, and auto recoil distance is only 5 cm.

10 scale real sight

Excellent view

Buttstock folding, super smoo

Super surprise, super heavy, and reliable, should be the best AK in 2022.

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