Winchester M1887 Toy Soft Bullet Nerf Shotgun Shell Ejection fast review

Winchester M1887 Toy Soft Bullet Nerf Shotgun Shell Ejection fast review

If someone hands you this? What comes to your mind at first? Red trigger, gold tube mag, an airsoft shotgun M1887? It will hurt a lot if you let your kids play it, so what is another option of 1887 because you are looking for a level action toy gun, No you don’t need to look for another option, this one we talk about today it’s a safe M1887.


The M1887 shotgun is a lever-action shotgun that was first produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in the late 19th century. It was one of the first successful repeating shotguns and became popular among law enforcement and the military.

One fascinating feature of this airsoft is that it shoots soft bullets the same as nerf guns but with real shot gun shape.


With the package you will see it, nobody package airsoft or real rifle as below only us.

Don’t be lied to by its appearance, this shotgun came with nerf bullets and shells. The M1887 has a distinctive look with its exposed hammer and lever-action mechanism. It has a 5-round tubular magazine that is loaded through the underside of the receiver. The barrel is typically around 20 inches long and the gun weighs around 8.5 pounds ( something light for a toy gun).

Checking the other side

The M1887 shotgun has a distinctive and classic appearance. A wooden outlook and it has a polished walnut stock and forend, and a blued steel receiver and barrel which provides it with a super strong grip. The exposed hammer sits at the rear of the receiver, and the lever-action mechanism is located beneath the trigger guard.


The tubular magazine is located below the barrel and runs parallel to it. The front sight is typically a brass bead, and the rear sight is a simple notch or ladder sight. The overall length of the gun is approximately 39 inches.



The M1887 shotgun features a  tubular magazine located under the barrel. The magazine can hold up to 5 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun shells, which are loaded through a loading gate located on the underside of the receiver.


The action of the M1887 shotgun is manually operated through a lever located beneath the trigger guard. To operate the shotgun, the user pulls the lever down and forward, which ejects any spent shells and loads a new shell from the tubular magazine into the chamber. The user then pushes the lever back up and rearward to lock the new shell into place and cock the hammer.


But how do you prepare your own exclusive bullets? It's as simple as simple arithmetic, just insert the soft foam dart into the shells (as shown below), no nerf guns have these parts.


Here we use kwolfswan enhanced darts to give you a better view of how it is done.

To load the darts in the shell is as simple as the real M1887, just insert several up to 5 self made bullets into the tubular magazine. Simple!

Then do the level action again and load one into the fire chamber to let it be fired.


To do this, the hammer should be cocked manually by pulling it back with the thumb. The hammer strikes the firing pin, which ignites the primer on the shotgun shell, causing it to fire. Boom! Boom!!

The gold color tube is where your up to 5 pieces bullets are stocked, as the barrel the tubular is also made of metal.

How well it bult from behind, make sure the fire reaches as far as it can be.

This is the rear view of the M1887. It's iconic appearance has made it a popular choice for collectors and enthusiasts, as well as for use in movies, television shows, and video games. It is a combination of classic styling and rugged reliability.

People may ask how the fire range is. The bullet that comes with the package reaches a distance of 20 meters.


But the bullet can fly further through the following ways;


1. Choose the right ammunition - Choosing the right ammunition can greatly affect the effective range of the shotgun. Experiment with different loads, such as slugs or high-velocity buckshot, to find the ammunition that produces the best accuracy and range. For instance, change to a better foam darts. kWolfSwan is providing different nerf darts.


2. Improve the shotgun's choke - The choke of a shotgun affects the spread of the shot and can greatly affect the shotgun's range. Consider upgrading the shotgun's choke to

a tighter constriction, such as an improved or modified choke, to increase the shotgun's effective range.



3. Change the spring of the air cylinder at the grip, with basic foam dart the fly distance can be improved as strong as the spring is.


So how it looks once you put it with you, feel the size and out looks.



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