ZB26 short name of Lehký kulomet VZ.26 Gel Blaster gun, is what I made review today.

Review of ZB26 WWII Gel Ball Blaste MG by Bumo KWOLFSWAN

This ZB26 is a battle version I received from a friend by 100 dollars, button plate, handle screws, charging handle and aim collar all missed, picture above seems nice after I installed the handle by random screws with force. I dont care if it’s not a brand new, because the original new blaster charges around 300 dollars.


It is my honor to review this gun, it impressed me by many WWII movies, also is my first time to have chance to touch the toy based prototype before 1946 from weapon world.

My friend graduated from high school and could not carry this toy to university, so its arrived on my hand.

This toy sub machines gun has 1163 mm length, correct scale, weights 4KG, really heavy for a toy.

The front parts is composed of flame reducer, gas tube, aim and its collar, handle frame, most of it is made by metal material, very cold because right now is winter. Disassembled as above.

The muzzle is orange red nylon piece, other reviewers said there are black muzzle came along for replacement. It should be copy of flame reducer of real gun.


A hoe through muzzle, for fixing screw.

My friend fastened the muzzle by really big force.

The 14mm screw thread is a toy standard, for you to connect other types of muzzle, I prefer to keep it in original one, we are not playing COD18.

On the real gun, there is a fixture for flame reducer under gas tube for fixing, this toy has no copy on this place.

Nylon gas tube is griped by muzzle and barrel, connected with gas tube from the base. Gas tube is firmed fixed by a limit switch.


Gas tube is designed with heat led and air leak hole, all solid made.

From behind part of gas tube to front, all barrel is circled by plastic heat sink, and heat sink size is becoming bigger, really nice details.


The barrel is made into two sections, which is supposed to reduce the length of the mold and machining difficulty. The two sections of the outer barrel are screwed together by internal threads, the seam of conjunction is invisible.


The silver-white is the inner tube, which is covered with a plastic ring to increase the airtightness and a spring for stabilizing the tee and inner tube. Inner tube is length of 700mm.



The carry handle is a separate component, its amount on the gun by original screw or shaft or something.

The carry handle can be rotated to change direction.

The original screw was lost, so I put a pin in and it worked.

The carry handle can be adjusted to horizontal and vertical to meet the needs of different situations, to horizontal for shifting fire position. Make it vertical grip for firing it by hold on your waist.



This gun support is made by metal.


 The design of base stand/support latch is of simple and practical, the bottom of the stand is similar to the style of the sled.


Support base is connected to gas tube, could be balance adjustable for horizon shooting,

support base is fixed on the gas tube and can be swayed from side to side to facilitate shooting on a non-horizontal slope. The ring in the picture is used to screw the tripod, by increasing the friction to fix the tripod, this design is not very good.

the handle to lock the barrel is made by metal.

As an excellent sub machine gun of that era, the outstanding advanced design concept is the quick-change barrel design.

The metal handle locker could be pull upward to release the whole front section, but obviously this toy ZB26 has neutered this design to easy storage to dissembled barrel. Even the toy copied the design, I dont believe exist of any players who can shoot gel balls to overheat the barrel from inner tube to outer tuber.

Because the gun adopts the design of magazine inserted in the upper part of the gun body, magazine will block the sighting line, so the machine sight is designed to be placed on the left side of the gun body, and there is a protruding collimator in the upper left of the air tube hoop, and the upper part of the collimator is "T" shaped. Other collimator is inclined inverted "V" shape, you can adjust it to be left and right, but the cannot do to the toy.

Classic design of wheel type adjustment scale, whole made by nylon, twisting the well, it move up and down from 100m to 1500m as the real gun.


Even the shape copy is perfect, but there is no engraved digital cod as the real gun.


Sight aim

FPS view on the sight aim.

5.56x45mm magazine (left, JingJi)

7.92x57mm magazine (center, zb26)

7.62x39mm magazine (right, akm)


The shape is restoration of the real gun, combined by screws on two side. It’s a gel ball dropping by gravity mag,  copy the shape of punch suppression 20-round double-row double-entry 7.92x57mm Mauser rifle ammunition mag.


Real Mag


Even is a dropping by gravity gel ball blaster mag, its installed the electronic motor inside to ensure the gel supply.


Insert the gel balls from the button.


Left side of receiver.

Right side of receiver


Dust cover, flip it to insert mag.


Flip the dust cover, the red gear box and supply entrance is showed, due to use dropping mag there are no easy entrance design.

Since the ZB26 mag design is the same as AK47, the mag could be stuck into gun body, so ZB26 has a paddle, made of metal.

The spring is moderately strong, and the right side of the paddle extends outward.


Letters engraved on the body.

The bottom part is the shell ejection window, and it is made into a one-piece structure that screws fixed into upper receiver. The gun mechanism is one body design has no link.


Charging handle distance limitation rate is around 35%.


The bottom of the grip is locked with a huge hexagonal screw.

The two switch level is settled on the top left side of the grip, horizontal backward is off and 90° vertical down is automatic mode.



The ABS made stock is griped by metal board stretch out from receiver end, and fixed by screws, it has great looks due to water transfer printing of wood grain.

Real gun button has reentrant spring, and this toy gun has huge battery storage cabinet.

Extra screws on a steel plate for decoration.

Battery connector of SM



  1. tiny fitting lines, exquisite wood grain, metal surface treatment.
  2. More metal parts, large weight, correct proportion
  3. Even copied the operation.



  1. high selling price;
  2. it is difficult to buy the relevant modification parts to enhance performance.

You can find out ZB26 gel ball blaster sub machine toy gun at Kwolfswan.com.


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