Benelli M4 Nerf

Pumping Up the Power: How to Upgrade Your Benelli M4 Nerf Shortgun to Maximize Range

Folks, feast your eyes on this fine piece of craftsmanship - the John Wick XM1014 Foam Blaster Shotgun. Now this ain't your grandpappy's old nerf blaster. No sir, this baby packs some serious heat with pump action, shell ejecting, and a range that'll knock your socks clean off.

Just give that pump a hearty tug and watch them foam darts fly farther than a country mile. With the flip of a switch, it'll be raining plastic across the backyard. But be warned - this slick shooter ain't for the faint of heart. Only the quickest draw in the West can tame this wild mustang.

Now I know what you're thinking - how can I make this pony gallop even faster? Well buckaroos, I got the answer. The kind folks down at Kwolfswan can spice things up with a high power spring upgrade.

Check out these two fine blasters. One's blue, one's black, and both are fixed to get a firepower boost. First, let's peel off them stocks and receiver covers. Then remove the shielding plates.

The blue blaster's is blue (no surprise there) and the black one's is gold.


Next, carefully take out the original springs. Don't lose any bits.

On the left is the factory spring, and on the right is Kwolfswan's juiced up spring. See how much thicker it is? That there spring will extend your range out past the old watering hole.

Now just slide the upgrade back in, being careful not to misplace any parts. Those little springs are easy to lose.


Then replace the shielding, receiver covers and stocks in reverse order.

There ya have it cowpokes - you just turned a 20 meter toy into a blaster with 40 meters of blazing glory! So strap on your spurs and get ready for a rootin' tootin' good time!


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