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John Wick XM1014 UDL Toy Training Shotgun Benelli M4 Manual Ejecting Shell Nerf Blaster

John Wick XM1014 UDL Toy Training Shotgun Benelli M4 Manual Ejecting Shell Nerf Blaster

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John Wick, the legendary assassin, would certainly appreciate the XM1014 UDL Training Shotgun.

With his keen eye for detail and his mastery of combat, he would immediately recognize the quality of this foam dart blaster.

Manual Pump Action and Shell Ejecting:

The UDL XM1014 Foam Blaster is a manual pump action shotgun with a shell ejecting system that adds to the realism of the blaster. With each pump, the user can fire a foam dart with incredible accuracy and speed, making it perfect for those epic backyard battles.

Soft Bullet Foam Darts:

One of the best features of the UDL XM1014 is that it shoots soft bullet foam darts that can absorb on glass, ceramic and metal surfaces. This means that users can create exciting new ways to play with their toy shotgun, as they can now shoot targets that other foam dart blasters simply can't handle.

Extendable Butt Stock:

Another great feature of the UDL XM1014 is its extendable butt stock, which has four levels of adjustability. This means that users of all sizes can comfortably hold and use the blaster, making it perfect for families with kids of different ages.


The UDL XM1014 Shotgun is made from durable nylon, has a capacity of six shells, and can shoot up to 8 meters with a fire power of 70 FPS. The blaster measures full size of real XM1014 in length and weighs 1.6kg.

Kwolfswan Fire Update Service:

With a shooting range of 8 meters and a fire power of 70 FPS, the XM1014 UDL Toy Shotgun with Ejecting Shells Nerf would be a formidable weapon in the hands of John Wick. He would no doubt take advantage of Kwolfswan's spring change service to further increase the blaster's shooting range, allowing him to take down his opponents from even greater distances.

Kwolfswan Standard Pacakge:

  • 1x udl xm1014

  • 6x ejecting shells

  • 10x nerf elite darts

  • 10x suction darts

  • 1x screwdriver

  • 1x safety glasses


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