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2023 latest model SKD CS002 Gel Blaster

2023 latest model SKD CS002 Gel Blaster

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Upgrade your gel blaster arsenal with the 2023 latest model SKD CS002. Experience enhanced performance, precision, and power. Dominate gel ball battles with this cutting-edge blaster. Get your hands on the ultimate gel blaster innovation. Order now and take your gameplay to the next level!


Brand: SKD
Version: CS002W
Gel Ball Size: 7-8 mm
Capacity: 1000 gel balls
Material: ABS + electronic components
Size:69*32*19 cm
Package Size: 44.5*28.5*10.8 cm


Fire power: 205+FPS

Firing Range: 15-20 meters

Firing Speed: 15 rps (7.4v) 20 rps (11.1v)

1x CS002 Gel Ball Blaster body
1x goggles
1x gel ball storage bottle
1x pack of gel balls

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