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AK-47 Set Miniature Model

AK-47 Set Miniature Model

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Presenting the MINIATURE RED VS BLUE AK-47 MODELS: 'RED v BLUE' - A Classic Clash

Witness the historic battle between the Red and Blue teams, now encapsulated in the MINIATURE RED VS BLUE AK-47 MODELS, affectionately known as 'RED v BLUE'. This 1:3 scale die-cast model pack not only captures the essence of a video game rivalry but also offers a duo of iconic AK-47 replicas.

Embracing the 'RED v BLUE' Legacy:

  1. A Battle Reimagined: The classic showdown between Red and Blue teams finds new life as these iconic models, a tribute to your favorite video game moments.
  2. Retro and Contemporary Fusion: Whether it's a nostalgic journey to the arcade or an engagement with modern first-person shooter games, 'RED v BLUE' captures the essence of a timeless battle.

Discovering 'RED v BLUE':

  1. Duo Pack Elegance: This special pack comes with both Red and Blue AK-47 models, offering a dynamic contrast that stands as a centerpiece of any collection.
  2. Visual Precision: Each model showcases meticulous craftsmanship, with a matte blue and matte red finish that distinguishes the teams.
  3. Functional Sight: Engage with the adjustable sight, an element that adds both aesthetic and mechanical appeal to the models.
  4. Realistic Action: Experience the bolt carrier action, a dynamic feature that brings an immersive layer of realism.
  5. Distinctive Dust Covers: The models feature Picatinny rail dust covers, embracing the design elements of the AK-47.
  6. Immersive Realism: While the dummy rounds do not cycle, the models offer an engaging experience that mirrors the mechanics of the real firearm.

Dimensions and Dynamic Contrast:

  1. Prideful Display: The models arrive with a display stand, inviting you to showcase these replicas on your desk or shelf with pride.
  2. Double Impact: Each fully assembled model within the 'RED v BLUE' duo pack measures 11 inches (28cm), and their combined weight stands at an impressive 12 ounces.
  3. Materials in Harmony: The models are a fusion of die-cast metal and industrial-strength plastic, striking a balance between aesthetics and durability.

Commencing Your Engagement:

  1. Assembly Grace: The assembly process requires approximately 5 to 10 minutes, with parts easily clicking into place and screws provided for extra stability.
  2. Duo Pack Presentation: The models come in their individual Red and Blue Team boxes, celebrating the duality of this classic rivalry.

In Commemoration and Nostalgia:

The MINIATURE RED VS BLUE AK-47 MODELS 'RED v BLUE' resurrects a timeless battle, capturing not only the spirit of video games but also the artistry behind iconic firearms. Display them with pride, for within their frames lies the essence of rivalry, nostalgia, and craftsmanship. Holding these models connects you with a legacy of gaming and innovation that spans generations.

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