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ARP9 V5 Rifle Gun Toy Gel Blaster Best of the Best -XYL

ARP9 V5 Rifle Gun Toy Gel Blaster Best of the Best -XYL

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Introducing the Best of Best Gun Toy Gel Blaster ARP9

A Compact and Lightweight Weapon for Your Tactical Playtime, is a highly recommended toy gun that offers a unique and compact design. Unlike M4-type toy guns, the ARP9 is extremely lightweight, easier to handle and maneuver during tactical playtime. V2 Gearbox and control chips are implanted to provide a stable shooting experience.

Compact Design and Solid Material

The ARP9's compact design and solid material make it a perfect toy gun for children and adults alike. Its compact size allows users to handle it with ease, while the solid material provides durability and longevity. Made from nylon external construction and metal trigger, the ARP9 is built to last and can withstand the toughest playtime.

Removable Accessories and Magazine Fed

The ARP9 features removable accessories that allow users to customize their toy gun according to their preferences. It also has a magazine-fed system that can hold up to 200 gels.

V2 Gearbox and 18:1 Cast Metal Gears

Must to mention here that the V2 gearbox and 18:1 cast metal gears make the ARP9 a powerful toy gun that can shoot gels with accuracy and precision. 

Select Fire Switch and Adjustable Butt Stock

The ARP9 comes with a select fire switch that allows users to switch between safe, single, and full auto modes. It also has an adjustable butt stock that can be customized according to the user's preferences.

Inner Barrel Size and Motor

It has an inner barrel size of 7.3mm ID and a length of 14cm. It is equipped with a 480 motor that enhances the shooting experience and provides a realistic feel.

Suitable Hopup and Weight

The ARP9 is compatible with J9/10 Hopup Threaded and has a weight of 1.48kg, making it easy to handle and maneuver during playtime.

Package Included:

  • 1x ARP9 Gel Blaster
  • 1x ARP9 Magazine
  • 1x 7.4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Safety Glasses
  • 1x Gell Ball pack
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