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ATM HK416 Gel Blaster

ATM HK416 Gel Blaster

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Experience unparalleled realism with the ATM HK416 Gel Blaster's most standout feature: its impressive recoil system powered by the innovative ATM special gearbox. Unlike traditional gel blasters, the ATM HK416 delivers a satisfying kickback with each shot, immersing players in an authentic combat experience.

This unique recoil system enhances gameplay, providing feedback that closely simulates the feel of firing a real firearm. Whether you're engaging targets at close range or taking aim from a distance, the ATM HK416's recoil adds an extra layer of excitement and intensity to every firefight.


- Recoil gel blaster
- Metal gearbox
- ATM technology
- 480 Motor

Color: Black
Firing Modes: Manually
Material: Nylon + Metal
Weights: 3000 g
Shooting range: 20 M

Package Includes:
1* ATM HK416 Gel Blaster
1* Mag
1* Packet of gel balls
1* Safety Glasses
1* Battery
1* USB Charger

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