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Brute Bull Nerf Foam Blaster WORKER-fit kit 3D DIY

Brute Bull Nerf Foam Blaster WORKER-fit kit 3D DIY

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The Brute Bull is a custom-made Nerf blaster.

This 3D-printed blaster kit is easy to install and offers a unique appearance that is sure to impress. The Brute Bull is designed to increase the power and duration by providing a larger battery compartment that can accommodate high-capacity batteries. The blaster kit is modular and DIY, so you can easily install and customize it to your preferences.

Made from durable and long-lasting high-quality PLA material

the blaster kit comes in an orange and white color scheme and measures 42*49*130mm. The package includes six 3D printing modules that feature the manufactured Bull appearance, two 3D printing modules for the extended battery case, four PT2.6 * 10 screws, a hurricane Blaster main body, a shoulder stock, a hurricane aluminum tube kit, a 12-darts clip, and 2 decoration caps in black and orange.

Universal campatibility

One of the standout features of the Brute Bull is its universal clip compatibility. Additionally, the tail cover can be replaced with a Worker tail stock connector, making it convenient to add and replace the tail stock. This feature also provides more options for customizing the appearance of the blaster.

Is an excellent choice for Nerf enthusiasts looking to enhance the performance and appearance.


Processing:3D Printing
Color:Orange White
Product Size:42*49*130mm
Package Size:150*65mm

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