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FN SCAR® Miniature Model

FN SCAR® Miniature Model

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The MINIATURE FN SCAR-L®: Unveiling 'SCAR' - A Tribute in Miniature

Embark on an exploration of precision with the MINIATURE FN SCAR-L®, affectionately known as 'SCAR.' This 1:3 scale die-cast metal model transcends the boundaries of replication, capturing the spirit of a remarkable firearm within its petite form.

Unveiling SCAR:

  1. Dynamic Realism: Experience authenticity in motion as this miniature marvel not only replicates but also cyclically engages dummy rounds, elevating its presence from a static model to a tactile experience.
  2. Versatile Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate the model with GoatGuns AR attachments, allowing you to customize your experience to new heights.
  3. Compact Mastery: Standing at 9.5 inches in length and weighing 8.5 ounces, this model mirrors the proportions of its full-sized counterpart in a pocket-sized masterpiece.
  4. Interactive Selector Switch: Engage with the mechanics as the selector switch adjusts, reminiscent of the functionality that defines the FN SCAR-L®.
  5. Modular Potential: Slide rail-guards on and off to reveal side picatinny rails compatible with our diverse range of attachments, allowing for endless customization.
  6. Visual Fidelity: The folding front and rear sight replicate the details of the real counterpart, preserving the essence of precision.
  7. Tailored Adaptability: Explore the adjustable 6-position stock that mirrors the real firearm's versatility.
  8. Functional Folding Stock: Engage with the folding stock, offering a glimpse into the world of tactical innovation.
  9. Material Aesthetics: Crafted entirely from die-cast metal, the model encapsulates durability and elegance in equal measure.
  10. Muzzle Mastery: Witness the intricacy as the muzzle tightens on and off, echoing the mechanical engagement that characterizes the FN SCAR-L®.
  11. Selector Switch Realism: Rotate between S, 1, and A with the selector switch, mirroring the operational options of the firearm.
  12. Dummy Round Realism: Three dummy rounds accentuate the model, paying homage to the firepower that defines the FN SCAR-L®.
  13. Personalized Scope Placement: Position the scope on the rail to your liking, mirroring the attachment potential of the real firearm.
  14. Display Elegance: The model is accompanied by a display stand, allowing you to showcase this masterpiece in all its glory.
  15. Tactile Comfort: The real rubber butt plate echoes authenticity and ergonomic consideration.
  16. Elevated Comfort: Explore an adjustable cheek rest that mirrors the customization options of the FN SCAR-L®.

Dimensions and Aesthetics:

Dive into the milspec Dark Tan color approved directly by FN, a hue distinct from other models. Experience the nuanced attention to detail as the upper and lower mimic the distinct tan variants found in the real firearm.


  • Adjustable Length: 9.25-10.25 inches (23-26cm)
  • Height: 4.5 inches (11cm)
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
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