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G17 Laser Training Guns Toy Pistol Dry Fire Gladden Looks

G17 Laser Training Guns Toy Pistol Dry Fire Gladden Looks

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Gladden Looks

Exciting toy pistol that comes in a combination of metallic red and light green colors, giving it a beautiful and eye-catching appearance.

Laser Blowback Pistol

Which means that the slide moves back when the trigger is pressed, firing the laser and ejecting the shells. After shooting the last bullet, the last round bolt holds open, and the magazine can be removed for continuous shooting.

Laser Target Feedback

The laser target can sense the pistol's laser beam, providing shooting feedback and adding to the fun. 

Recoil and Practice

Despite being a laser gun, the blowback structure of the pistol creates a slight recoil when shooting, causing the laser to deflect. Therefore, it takes practice to become proficient with the pistol.

Safety and Accessories

It is essential to avoid shooting in the eyes to prevent injury . The package includes the G17 laser pistol, magazine, plastic shells x 9, and metal shells x 1, but the laser target needs to be purchased separately.

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