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High-end 11.1V high-capacity lithium battery

High-end 11.1V high-capacity lithium battery

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🔋[High Discharge Performance] - Using advanced Li-Ion technology, this rechargable LiPo airsoft battery has no memory effect so it can maximize your airsoft performance. 30C discharge rate makes it better than market standard 11.1V NiMH large batteries
🔋[Widely Used] - This 11.1V airsoft battery pack is fit for popular models of airsoft guns like M4, AK47, AEG, MP5K, MP5, SCAR, M249, M60, G36, RPK, AUG. We recommend finding the voltage and measuring the gun compartment for best fit
🔋[Note] - Please correctly set the battery category of the charger, do not configure a battery or nickel-hydrogen and other batteries than 2S. ONLY use a LiPo balance charger for charging LiPos. If the battery is inflated, do not use and contact us in time



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