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Canik TP9 Gel Ball Blaster Auto Load Battery Powered BQ Gel Pistol

Canik TP9 Gel Ball Blaster Auto Load Battery Powered BQ Gel Pistol

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For sake of harmless and zero cost, replace your airsoft tp9 to KWOLFSWAN’s TP9 Gel Blaster

Because it is an exciting and innovative product that is battery-powered and designed to shoot gel balls. With its 15 gel ball magazine capacity and a range of 20 meters, this compact pistol is ideal for shooting practice and fun even for young kids. Unlike traditional airsoft pistols, the Canik TP9 Gel Blaster using rechargeable battery for power and gel ball as ammunition, it is much safer and affordable, a great alternative for those who want to engage in no hurting shooting sports or zero cost practice of shooting skills.

Design and Features

 The Canik TP9 Gel Blaster is designed with a polymer frame, striker-fired, and has an optics-ready slide, which has rail can accommodate most popular reflex sights in the market. The slide stop levers on both sides allow for ambidextrous shooter.

The gel blaster equivalent of the TP9 Elite Combat model mimics the design of the real-life counterpart. It has a CNC-styled SAI outer barrel, optic-ready slide, and CNC machined mag well and sights. Additionally, the pistol has a fluted and nitride-coated match-grade barrel, thread protector, sight set, making it a versatile compact pistol. 

No More Pain

It is designed to shoot soft and lightweight gel balls, which are biodegradable and grow up by water to 7mm round size. It brings no harm to the environment and no pain to human body. Additionally, the pistol is rechargeable battery-powered, eliminating the need for gas refills or external power sources.

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