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Electronic Shooting Target for Nerf Dart Foam Guns

Electronic Shooting Target for Nerf Dart Foam Guns

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Can't find a fun toy for your child?

Can't find the best gift for birthday, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Children's Day?

Why not stimulate their imagination and creativity while at the same time allowing them to improve motor skills? -At the same time make sure they are safe.

Electronic shooting targets - the best gift for children! Immerse the children in a world of fun and challenging shooting games!

The electric scoring target for nerf guns is ideal for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. Attractive indoor or outdoor games, high quality! Unique and interesting. Children like it. Surprise your baby!

We focus on the growth and safety of children and develop safe sports toys. Our toys let children not only enjoy fun games, have a happy and fun childhood, but also learn to grow in games and give play to their creativity.

Automatic Rebound

The electronic scoring target has 3 targets. When all targets are shot down, the built-in powerful electric gear will make the target rebound quickly and automatically in 3 seconds. The design of a digital scoreboard and automatic reset can reduce the time to prepare for shooting.

Sound and Light effect

The digital target will have flashing lights, accompanied by simulated gunfire and broken glass, adding to the atmosphere and inspiring the shooter. Bringing a real shooting experience is a very exciting challenge for kids and teenagers.

Anti-slip Mat Design

There are anti-skid strips on both sides of the bottom of the shooting and scoring target. When you shoot the target, the target will not drop or move. Whether you want to keep scoring when practicing alone or in an exciting team game mode, the anti-skid pad will be a better gaming experience.

Set Up the Nerf Target

  1. Use a screwdriver to open the bottom battery cover.
  2. Required 3 × AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

3. Install the batteries then close the cover and start play.


  • Portable: Small and lightweight, doesn't take up a lot of space and easy to take along.
  • Safety: Made of plastic material, Parents can rest assured that children are safe to use.
  • Sports game: The electric scoring target will improve kidʾs hand-eye coordination while having this target shooting fun.
  • Short time preparation: With digital scoreboard and auto-reset target, it will reduce your time on the shooting preparation.


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