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Developed in the 1920s, the ZB vz. 26 Light Machine blaster is a gas-operated, air cooled, light weight, man portable squad support weapon. Primarily used by the Czechoslovakian military, the ZB vz. 26 design also saw service with various countries across Europe and Asia and has taken part in numerous conflicts including WW2 and the Korean War; sometimes used by both sides. Most famously, the ZB vz. 26 was adopted by Britain and then updated and redesigned into what is known as the Bren blaster.

Unlike other light machine blasters of its time which were often belt fed, the ZB vz. 26 is unique in that it is a top loading magazine fed weapon. The advantage of this is that the overall weight of the blaster is much lighter and the weapon was less prone to malfunctions caused by dirt and debris getting into the blaster's action.


  • Nylon receiver
  • Full metal barrel assembly
  • Imitating-wood stock, grip, and carry handle
  • Metal gears gearbox
  • Folding bipod
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • High capacity vertical mounted magazine
  • Realistic 1:1 replica
  • Mechanical safety
  • Battery storage in the stock
  • Mock charging handle

Length: 1190mm
Weight: 14lbs
Inner Barrel: ~675mm
Magazine Capacity: 400~rd Nylon Hi-Cap Magazine
Gearbox: Metal gears
Motor: Long Type
Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Safety
Package Includes: Blaster, Magazine
Battery: 11.1V Li-ion

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