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LH HK417D Gel Ball Blaster Metal Gear Pro Gift

LH HK417D Gel Ball Blaster Metal Gear Pro Gift

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High Performance Gel Blaster

Our HK417D Gel Blaster inherits all the details of a real rifle on the barrel, receiver, stock, and grips, it contains all the functions like mag change, blowback, cover flip, and telescoping stock even though its a toy rifle shoots only gel balls. And it s popular among gel ball war gamers due to its high performance and reliable quality build.

It is much more than a toy.

Most players of HK417D are teenagers, their families choose it for its realistic looks and great functions, which guide the boys to a basic firearm education, and avoid the possibility of danger from real rifles, or hurts from airsoft. Also, the no-joke weight and real scale of it bring an outstanding feeling to your hands.

Its shoot range reaches 25 M with high accuracy and has 220FPS, an excellent outdoor toy for lads.

Detail report


HK417D Gel Blaster from KWOLFSWAN is manufactured by LH based on the design of the HK417 series, which was introduced by company Heckler & Koch by adopting the production line of the HK416. presented at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and implemented in 2005 if I am not wrong.

Type: Automatic / Battery Operated
Firing Mode: Semi / Full-Auto
Material: High Quality Nylon ABS Construction
Thick Solid Body
Metal Gear
Mag Prime
Bolt Catch

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