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HN Army M249 SAW Gel Blaster 2023 Machine Toy Gun

HN Army M249 SAW Gel Blaster 2023 Machine Toy Gun

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Kwolfswan’s 2023 newest gel blaster squad automatic weapon M249 toy machine gun

Is a replica of the real gas-operated light machine gun that is widely used by the United States Armed Forces, but designed to shoot non-lethal gel balls instead of live rounds.

Updates than previously verison

It features a metal nylon mixed frame, which makes it more durable than previous models, as well as a telescoping buttstock that can be adjusted to fit the user's body. The most significant new feature of this gel blaster is its powerful blowback function, which simulates the recoil of firing a real weapon.

Another major upgrade to the M249 gel blaster is its box magazine, which can hold more than 2500 rounds of gel balls. This is a significant improvement. It also has a more detailed appearance with realistic markings and a true-to-life color scheme (kWolfSwan offers two option).

This newest gel blaster M249 toy machine gun is a significant upgrade over previous models, featuring a more durable frame, telescoping buttstock, powerful blowback function, and a large box magazine. These features make it a must-have for anyone who loves military-style toys.

Access to previous model with affordable price.

What We Think Of

Boys absolutely love this gel blaster toy gun! Its powerful shooting ability and larger ammo capacity make it the perfect addition to any war game, offering endless fun and creative opportunities. When the M249 SAW unexpectedly appears amid a back-and-forth battle, the excitement, and amusement are unparalleled.

As soon as you see it, you know it's your ultimate ally in the endless sky-fall of the battlefield. Your adrenaline skyrockets instantly, and with the intense fire range of the M249 and your imagined thrilling battleground music, you boldly charge ahead to victory.

M249 Specifications and Package:

Weight: 10.4 lbs (4.7kg)

Inner Barrel: 509mm

Magazine Capacity: 2,500 round gel balls

Gearbox: Metal gears

Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Safety

Package Includes:

1 x Brand new M249

1 x Box Magazine

1 x Long barrel

1 x Bipod

1 x 11.1v rechargeable battery set

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