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RPG Miniature Model

RPG Miniature Model

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Enter the realm of custom precision with the MINIATURE ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADE MODEL, affectionately known as 'BUGOUT.' This 1:4 die-cast metal model transcends the boundaries of replication, embracing the spirit of individuality through a heartfelt tribute to one of Sarge's finest.

A Tribute to 'BUGOUT':

  1. A Name with Significance: "BUGOUT" is a homage to Anthony, known as 'Bugout,' whose mark on GoatGuns customization videos ignites creativity and craftsmanship.

Innovation Beyond Bounds:

  1. Aiming for Perfection: Close may count in horseshoes, but Sarge elevates the game by channeling precision and detail into every aspect of this model.
  2. Spectacle in Colors: The captivating blend of green warhead, red wood, and black body creates a visual spectacle that emanates the craftsmanship of the model gods.

Exploring the 'BUGOUT' RPG:

  1. Genuine Wood Aesthetics: Featuring REAL Pterocarpus Soyauxii wood heat shield, identical to our gun model rack, the model extends authenticity in its material composition.
  2. Substantial Proportions: Standing at a commanding 14 inches in length and weighing a robust 5 ounces, the 'BUGOUT' RPG model is a showcase of both form and heft.
  3. Marrying Materials: The harmonious union of die-cast metal and real wood creates a tactile masterpiece that mirrors its full-sized inspiration.
  4. Interactive Dynamics: The dummy warhead, while not functional, extends up to a maximum of 4 inches at 1mph, underscoring the attention to detail.
  5. Engage and Fire: The trigger mechanism allows you to engage with the model through a simulated firing action, adding an interactive dimension.
  6. Sight Precision: Flip up front and rear sights replicate the details of the original, offering a glimpse into the mechanics and design of the RPG.

Dimensions and Aesthetic Marvel:

  1. Color Symphony: The color palette of black, forest green, and wood grain echoes the aesthetics of a classic '72 Bronco, a fusion of nostalgia and innovation.
  2. Elegant Length and Weight: Measuring 14 inches (35cm) in length and weighing 5 ounces, the model showcases the blend of proportion and precision.

Getting Started:

  1. Assembly Made Easy: The model requires some assembly, taking approximately 5-10 minutes to construct. Detailed instructions are included to guide your journey.
  2. Customizable Display: While the display stand is not included, the RPG model is compatible with our display rack, offering a canvas for customization.

In Tribute and Craftsmanship:

The MINIATURE ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADE MODEL 'BUGOUT' transcends the realm of replication, celebrating individuality, creativity, and craftsmanship. As you engage with this model, you embrace not just a piece, but a story and a mark left by an artist's touch. Display it with pride, for within its intricate composition lies the essence of innovation and tribute.

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