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Russian Army 6B34 Ratnik Protective Goggles

Russian Army 6B34 Ratnik Protective Goggles

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Russian Army 6B34 Ratnik Protective Goggles


Full air circulation via special ventilation ports
  • Rubber body
  • Anti-fog qualities
  • Full helmet compatibility
  • Full contact lenses and correction glasses compatibility;
  • Can be mounted on 6B7-1M and 6b47 helmet


      Model: 6B34;
      Glass thickness: 6.4mm;
      Ballistic resistance V50% ≥ 240 m/s (fragment simulator – steel ball with a diameter of 5.0 mm);
      Area of protection: not less than 1.3 dm2;
      6B34 goggles are certified to provide protection against shrapnel and short-term (<10 seconds) open flame exposure;
      Tested and certified for operating temperatures from – 40°С to + 40°С, as well as a for moist and damp environments (rain, snow, hail);
      Size: one size for all with adjustable head band;
      Weight: 200g;
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