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Sembylon Valkyries Nerf Foam Dart Blaster

Sembylon Valkyries Nerf Foam Dart Blaster

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Experience the power of the Valkyries Nerf Foam Dart Blaster. Unleash precision shots with its impressive range and accuracy. Dominate the battlefield and outsmart your opponents with this high-performance blaster. Join the elite ranks of foam warriors and gear up with the Valkyries Nerf Foam Dart Blaster. 


- The sembylon valkyries foam blaster has nylon cylinder, powerful push generates longer range.

- Built with QD spring retainer, easy to disasemble.

- It comes with 558 holographic sight, RVG foregrip, round ball scar barrel.

- Metal hanger rod and metal inner barrel.

- Shoots short type foam dart, compatible with Nerf ammo.


Brand: sembylon

Model: SBL09A

Fire mode: manual action

Material: nylon construction

Ammo type: half length nerf darts

Package weight: 2.2kg

Velocity: 150FPS
Range: 25-30m

Package included:
1x valkyrie foam blaster
1x 558 holographic sigt
20x nerf darts
1x mag
1x scar barrel

The color of Extra Mag will be arranged as the same as the ordered Blaster, for specificated color please leave message at Chatbox.

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