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SIG SAUER P320 M18 Gel Blaster Laser Tag Pistol Toy Gun

SIG SAUER P320 M18 Gel Blaster Laser Tag Pistol Toy Gun

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The P320-M18 is more compact compared to the P320-M17. Also the upper slide sleeve is upgraded to metal.

A unique and versatile toy gun that can shoot both gel balls and laser beams.

The gel ball feature allows for a fun and safe shooting experience, as the jelly gel balls break apart on impact without causing harm or damage. The laser function provides a more interactive and challenging shooting experience, with the device emitting a powerful laser beam that users can aim and shoot at reactive targets. The gun's design is durable and lightweight, making it easy to handle for kids and adults alike.

It does contain a function of quick disassembly, it means that the gun can be taken apart quickly and easily for cleaning or maintenance purposes. This can be a useful feature for those who want to keep their toy gun in good working condition or those who frequently use it. The quick disassembly function involves a button that releases certain parts of the gun, allowing for easy access and cleaning.

Overall, the P320 toy pistol build by nylon and metal barrel, metal trigger and metal magazine is an exciting and innovative toy that provides a range of shooting experiences for users of all ages.


Laser range: up to 200 meters

Gel balls range: 10-15 meters

Gel Magazine capacity: 20

Color: black / sand color

Weight: 700g

Package includes:

1 p320-m18 gel and laser blaster toy pistol
1 mag
1 laser tube
1 battery charging set
1 goggles

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