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USP Laser Training Toy Pistol Dry Fire

USP Laser Training Toy Pistol Dry Fire

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The USP Laser Pistol:

The USP Laser Training Toy Pistol is a laser blowback pistol that mimics the action of a real firearm. When the trigger is pulled, the slide moves back, and the laser fires, and the shells eject. After the last shot, the last round bolt hold open, and the magazine can be replaced for continuous shooting. The pistol has a slide-locking state. The gun is 8.7 inches long and weighs 0.92 lbs.

The Laser Target:

The Laser Target can sense the pistol's laser beam and provide shooting feedback. It can be purchased separately and is available in two types. Target A makes a sound and changes color when hit, while target B falls back and returns to its place.


The blowback structure creates a slight recoil when shooting, causing the laser to deflect. It takes practice to shoot accurately. Even though the gun can be played without a laser target, it's recommended to use the target to improve shooting skills.


It's essential to note that shooting in the eyes is not recommended as it may hurt people's eyes with the laser.

The Package:

The package includes the USP laser pistol, a magazine, nine plastic shells.

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