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Walther CP99 Laser Tag Blaster

Walther CP99 Laser Tag Blaster

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Experience Laser Tag like never before with the Walther CP99 Blaster! This realistic pellet-shooting gizmo is guaranteed to bring your playtime to the next level. Load up and zap your enemies with delightfully laser-y goodness! You won't be able to put it down, so get ready for some fun-filled days of target practice!


- The walther cp99 laser gun is a shell ejecting toy gun.

-  It has the last round bolt hold open function after firing the last bullet.

- The pistol can achieve infinite shooting. It will not enter the last round bolt hold open state, if themagazine is removed. which is also a pretty good way to play.

-  Comes with metal barrel, it has a straighter laser and long range.


Brand: hanke

Material: nylon

Laser max range: up to 200m

Discernable range: 50m

Mag capacity: 10pcs

Color:  black tan

Weight: 500g

Package included:

1x cp99 laser tag blaster

1x magazine

12x plastic shells

1x ammo organizer

1x blaster stand

1x target stand

1x paper target

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