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Winchester M1894 Lever action toy shotgun Foam Dart Blaster Shell Ejection WK

Winchester M1894 Lever action toy shotgun Foam Dart Blaster Shell Ejection WK

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Toy replica of famous Winchester M1894

Built based on a cowboy shotgun/rifle designed by John Browning. The toy gun has been designed to restore the entire process of bullet load, fire, and shell ejection inside the chamber. It is easy to install with a screwdriver and is designed barrel which increases the fire range to 800 inches. The gun shoots foam dart bullets made of EVA material, making it super safe. Each toy shotgun is marked with a SN number at the bottom of the trigger, and the trigger can be locked by the safe button behind the trigger frame.

Design and Mechanism

The toy gun has been designed with a level action mechanism built by metal, inspired by the original Winchester M1894, which gives it a realistic feel.


Installation of the toy gun is simple and requires a screwdriver. The gun comes with all the necessary parts, and the instructions are easy to follow. The installation process should take only a few minutes.


The toy gun is presented in three versions, transparent, grey, pink and tactical version. The transparent and grey versions are beautifully designed to display what is built inside, while the pink version is perfect for girls. The tactical version is a modernized M1894 full of fun, making it perfect for children who love action and adventure.

A full package contains:

  • 1 toy M1894
  • 20 Foam Darts and 6 Shells

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