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ZP5 Toy Revolver Shoot Both Gel Balls and Foam Darts CLASSIC toy

ZP5 Toy Revolver Shoot Both Gel Balls and Foam Darts CLASSIC toy

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Design is inspired by Revolver

the detailed workmanship of ZP5 toy revovler is excellent. The shape and handling have been restored realistically, making it a joy to use.

Sturdy construction

The gun's construction is sturdy, with a nylon body and a metal cylinder bomb nest. When you hold it, you can feel the quality and texture of the gun. To load the gun, you first need to unlock its cylinder lock and use force to throw the shell to the left manually. Then, push the ejection rod to push out all the ammo shells, and a sleek coherence is completed.

2-in-1 shooting model

One of the unique features of this gun is that it's a 2-in-1 model. It's a soft bullet gun and an gel balls gun. The ammo shell is not only compatible with EVA soft bullets, but it can also be used with gel balls ball bullets. After the cylinder pops open, you can load EVA soft bullets or gel balls balls into the shells of your choice.

How to prepare each shoot

Each shot requires you to flip the hammer manually, and the cylinder will follow the turning wheel linkage after every single shoot. Then, pull the trigger to hit the foam darts or gel ball. The gun is entirely safe to use. The shooting range is between 5-10 meters, and the gun weighs 500 grams, making it heavy in hand.

The gun's operations are straightforward, with five key features: manual loading, rotating bullet wheel, runner magazine, one-key unlocking, and one-click ejection of bullets. To start shooting, you need to press the safety switch backward and pull the trigger manually.

Kwolfswan Suggests you to add order of Fast Loader at the auto cart at the end for double the gel shooting fun.

You can read the article about more details at Link.

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